India Travel Inspiration, Feb. 25

Munnar Ladies having Lunch
Local women having lunch on a tea plantation in Munnar, India. Photo: Jennifer L. Raines

“Then at a certain elevation the landscape changed again—this time to a carpet of even green shrubs that composed a perfectly-manicured patchwork quilt across the rolling hills—it was tea! Colorfully dressed tea pickers hovered between the clumps of green in a few places, the green expanse dissolving into the mist behind them. We transferred into open-sided jeeps to reach our hotel near Munnar, nestled deep in the tea and spice covered hills. As we unpacked, it dawned on me—it was quiet—a very rare commodity in India.” – Jennifer L. Raines

Welcome back to Our Travel Inspiration. This week we will take a look into two of our employees, Jennifer and Heather’s experiences in South India over the last two weeks. They have been traveling on a group journey with Asia Transpacific Journeys and have traveled to cities such as Mumbai, Chennai, Madurai, Munnar and Cochin, India.

You can take a look at their detailed itinerary here: 

Jennifer, our writer, has been captivating her journey through a personal blog of her own, which you can follow here: Using detailed imagery and fascinating depictions of her busy schedule, Jennifer reflects on the many memorable experiences she has shared thus far with the country of India. ♥

Please enjoy and stay tuned for our travel inspiration next week!

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