Our Travel Inspiration, Jan. 6

Happy New Year! Welcome back for the firsrt 2014 edition of Our Travel Inspiration. Please follow along with us each Monday for our carefully-curated selection of current Asia and travel-related news stories.

india quote 2

Share-worthy pieces on Asia this week:

Travel tidbits that caught our fancy:

We’d love to hear your feedback—please comment below. And please come back next Monday for more of Our Travel Inspiration!

2 thoughts on “Our Travel Inspiration, Jan. 6

  1. Hey!
    I’m studying abroad this upcoming spring in Hong Kong and looking to do some traveling on the side. Where would you recommend?
    Best of luck on your journey😀 I’d really appreciate it if you’d follow my journey through Asia too!


    1. Hi Chris,
      Thanks for commenting on our blog. For travel suggestions in China, I think you’ll find our Custom Planner very helpful (you can download it here). If you’re looking to go farther afield, our website is full of travel ideas for all corners of Asia and the Pacific. Also, please “like” us on Facebook for more timely travel information.
      Happy travels!
      Asia Transpacific Journeys

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