Dreaming of Myanmar (Burma)

Black Friday is here and the chaos has just begun. How many times will we be reminded:  “there are only X more shopping days until Christmas” in the coming days? TV commercials and mailings from corporations pushing their trinkets daily…

Being Myanmar travel enthusiasts, we’d rather be shopping in a Shan State Tribal market—a fascinating hodgepodge of brightly colored flowers, flopping fish and tribal people, each in their distinctive traditional dress. It is a feast for the senses and there are photo opportunities galore.

Or at sunrise we’d rather float quietly over the amazing stupas of Bagan (Pagan) in a hot air balloon. During its golden age in the 12th century, Bagan was known as “the city of four million pagodas.” While Kublai Khan and several massive earthquakes have reduced that inflated number drastically, what remains is quite incredible, and one of the greatest sites in Asia.

Or better yet, we’d rather spend an afternoon aboard a boat exploring the beautiful Inle Lake. There are so many sights to see: the famous Intha fisherman rowing their fishing boats with a swirling move of their leg; floating gardens where villagers actually grow tidy rows of vegetables on the lake’s surface; and a weaving village to see locals hand crafting traditional wares.

That sounds more like it!

If you would like more information about organizing travel to Burma, please contact one of our Myanmar travel specialists at 800-642-2742.

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