How to Prepare Yourself to Travel to Japan

The islands of Japan, with their harmonious coupling of cutting-edge technology and time-honored tradition, beckon from across the Pacific. As your far-away dreams materialize and your travel plans form, keep in mind a few items that will help prepare you for your journey to Japan.

First, confirm your travel plans with a trusted travel company. At Asia Transpacific Journeys, our exemplary reputation with the world’s most respected cultural organizations will put you at ease. Our exhilarating Small Group Trips and private Custom Journeys to Japan will provide an unrivaled, rich and immersive Japan vacation experience.

Make sure your party’s travel documents, including passports, are current. Then, let one of our travel experts assist you in arranging your flight to Japan. We will take care of the logistics so you can focus on soaking up as much as you can of Japan’s thrilling landscape, unforgettable people, age-old customs, and progressive achievements.

Before you travel to Japan, you will receive a customized Japan Travel Guide to help you familiarize yourself with Japanese customs and etiquette. This comprehensive book also includes a few key phrases of the Japanese language that you may want to memorize prior to departure, as even the most basic attempts at Japanese will go a long way to facilitate meaningful interaction with its people. Our Japan Travel Guide also includes tips on cultural traditions, historical background, and destination information to familiarize you with Japanese culture. It includes a Japan reading list that provides wonderful suggestions for you to explore Japan’s rich literary traditions.

Although you can never fully prepare yourself for a life-enriching travel experience to one of the world’s oldest and most complex cultures, learning as much as possible beforehand will make your journey Japan immersive and meaningful.

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