China: A Land Vast and Varied

China was the central power in Asia for centuries—with strong influence on Eastern culture. Its architecture, technology, cuisine, art and religions are so deeply embedded in most other Asian cultures that they are, ironically, scarcely recognizable as Chinese at all.

Unlock the secrets of this great civilization on China—Beyond the Wall. This journey surveys classic sights such as Beijing, the Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors and Shanghai, as well as hidden jewels known to the few.

China veterans may opt for China’s Silk Road—History’s Great Thoroughfare, which explores China’s far western reaches. Discover remote outposts, tombs and temples, markets and bazaars. This classic itinerary follows in the footsteps of Marco Polo and the camel caravans that traversed the Gobi.

Dr. Steve Halkovic

Dr. Stephen Halkovic has a PhD in Inner Asian Studies, specializing in Mongolia/Tibet/China from Indiana University, and taught there for 14 years. While teaching at IU, he started to lead tours to Soviet Central Asia and Mongolia during the summers. In 1980 Stephen started lecturing and leading tours into China. By 1984, he was much more interested in the travel business than academia and started to lead tours full time throughout Asia and remote regions throughout the world. Since the ’80s he has led 100 trips to China, over 50 to Mongolia, and more than 15 to Tibet. He is the author of two scholarly works on Mongolia. His unsurpassed knowledge, infectious laughter and engaging style make him a superb travel companion.

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