Asia Transpacific Journeys: How to Travel to Borneo

A perfumed symphony of life awaits in the lush foliage of Borneo.  From vivid colors to enchanting scents, traveling to Borneo affords you the chance to explore one of the most bio-diverse locations on Earth.

Borneo travel does not have to be complicated, and following some simple strategies makes travel to Borneo easy and accessible. The remote location and mysterious wildlife make southeast Asia a legendary exotic destination, yet upscale eco-resorts make for wonderful creature comforts. With the right preparation, and the help of seasoned Asia travel experts like the professionals at Asia Transpacific Journeys, you can feel confident and excited about your Borneo vacation.

First, do your homework. Get familiar with Borneo and all it has to offer by visiting the Asia Transpacific Journeys website. Note the places you need to see and things you want to do. Borneo wildlife tours are a great way to get up close and personal with orangutans and to experience the wild side of Borneo. Booking with an experienced tour company can enhance your trip and provide you with unique experiences other travel companies just can’t offer. The caves at Mulu are an incredible piece of natural architecture, and travelers can release baby turtles to the sea on Selingan Island. If hiking Borneo is something you dream of, Borneo rainforest tours bring you into the heart of the enigmatic island on foot.

Second, determine the length of your stay, and compare it to your activities list. Decide whether you want to stay busy or keep a more relaxed schedule. The experts at Asia Transpacific Journeys can help you budget appropriate time for activities. Organizing your trip to Borneo with them will mean you’ll experience the Borneo you’ve always imagined.

Lastly, collect all necessary documentation well in advance of departure. Passports, and all immunization records for entry into and out of Borneo must be current. Local travel clinics can advise which shots and medications you need. Travel with copies of your shot records alongside your passport.

Start planning today and soon you’ll be confidently enjoying the wildlife and wonders of Borneo vacations!

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