Sri Lanka Travel—Ancient Cultures, Wildlife, and Festivals


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One of our newest small group trips, Splendid Sri Lanka, departs in March.

Author Paul Theroux wrote in Ghost Train to the Eastern Star of his stay in Galle, Sri Lanka:  “I considered this one of the best evenings of my trip: the muted buzz of the small seaside town at night the soft, air, the perfume of the blossoms.”
Sri Lanka’s population is less dense than that of neighboring India, a reality that gives traveler’s unexpected breathing room in acres of wildlife sanctuaries while searching for leopards, elephants and other creatures of the jungle. On this trip to Sri Lanka tour guests virtually hop scotch from one UNESCO World Heritage Site to another along a route scheduled to accommodate one of Asia’s most spectacular festivals, Esala Perahera, a celebration of Buddhism held annually in Kandy.

In addition to bottle-feeding orphaned elephant babies and dipping into regional cuisine through cooking classes, our clients will enjoy pampering at elegant and authentic accommodations, including a masterpiece of water and rock called Heritance Kandalama created by Geoffrey Bawa, an architect whose name is synonymous with Sri Lanka, once known as Ceylon, the country that lent its name famously to tea.

The majority ethnic group of Sri Lanka are Sinhalese, which loosely translated means “lion people” from ancient myth. An element of their mythology that visitors will experience is a visit to the Sri Maha Bodhi (Sacred Bo-Tree), considered a sapling from the original tree under which Prince Siddhartha (Buddha) attained enlightenment and became the Buddha. It is over 2,200 years old and is the oldest historically documented tree in the world.

A custom trip to Sri Lanka can also be arranged on a private basis around your dates for just friends or family. To find out more information about travel to Sri Lanka or other desitations click here.

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