A Staff Postcard from the Field: Blissed Out in Bhutan

Bhutan travel notes about remote Eastern Bhutan from Marilyn Downing Staff, Asia Transpacific Journeys’ Founder & President

I have just come in from 7 days trekking for one night of ‘deluxe’ accommodations—at least as far as they offer in this remote area of Bhutan—then back out for another 4 days of exploration. I have had the adventure of a lifetime thus far and can’t wait to share some stories. It has been one of the most extraordinary trekking experiences of my traveling life.

We currently have 6 clients here in Bhutan—all very happy indeed. By the time you receive this message, I will be back on the trail with the yaks.

Marilyn Downing Staff

On this trip to Bhutan, Marilyn is trekking through the yet-to-be-opened-to-tourists Sakten Wildlife Sanctuary, the only reserve in the world that protects the habitat of endemic animals and the cryptid yeti (also known as the Abominable Snowman). She is also trekking from Tashi Yangtse to Lhuntshi, a road-less area inhabited with Himalayan mountain people living very traditional lives, with little exposure to the outside world. Speak to one of our Travel Specialists if you would like more informtion on trekkig in Bhutan.

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