Why We Travel

A reverence to nature is expressed best during your Japan vacation. What is your inspiration to travel?

At Asia Transpacific Journeys, we are passionate about travel to Asia. This month we are asking our fellow world explorers why they travel to Asia. Here is what people had to share:

  • “To learn about other cultures so that I can better understand them as I try to be a better steward of our planet.”
  • “To experience the world.”
  • “Want to go everywhere, see and experience the world and its people and learn.”
  • “Our curiosity and empathy for the diverse and interesting cultures of our fellow human beings across the world. The opportunity for our minds to travel to times gone by and our passion for astonishing discoveries and the stunning aesthetics across the face of the earth.”
  • “I have no choice. I was raised this way and only feel like I go “home” when I’m traveling…”
  • “For perspective. For understanding.”
  • “To step out of one’s everyday life; it makes me come alive! new sights new smells new adventures new challenges. Respecting and involving yourself in the different cultures you encounter. Learning, always learning, studying before you go, delving in depth once you are there. Appreciating the differences and at the same time the alikeness of people around the world.There is so much to see, to feel and to think about. The wonder of it all.”
  • “To learn, to grow and to hopefully begin to understand life in the world beyond our own.”
  • “I caught the travel bug back in 1990 when I first went to Europe–I loved seeing how others lived (they do things so differently in Germany than we do here in the US), and tried to incorporate new ways into my own life. I’ve continued that in my travels in SE Asia. It has changed the way I look at things, the way I treat people, the way I eat. I am truly a different person today from what I was twenty years ago because travel made me re-evaluate my habits about everything. It’s been quite a gift.”
  • “Everyone holds in their mind a model of the world, as they know it. When we are 20, our model is laughably incomplete, compared to the real world, but we think it is complete. By the time we are 50, we have learned how little we really know…and so we begin to travel, to witness new dimensions of the world…which we embrace with a child’s joy of discovery.”
  • “Travel has ALWAYS been a major passion and priority in my life. It is totally enriching to experience new cultures, historic sites, fabulous cities, local cuisine. And I so enjoy documenting my travels both through journaling and photography.”
  • “People, Places, Things”
  • “St. Augustine said it best: The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”
  • “I travel because I am curious about other countries and people, their customs, their foods, their knowledge, and their passions.”
  • “One reason I travel is to selfishly satisfy my curiosity about life outside my limited world and broaden my horizons.”
  • “It’s exciting to learn about other cultures and see the vast diversity of this earth. We love the opportunity to meet with people whose lives are different from our own as well as to see the art and natural beauty of other places.”
  • “It’s a big world out there. I’m an adventure trekker and distance runner. At age 80 I’m old enough to know better, but I do it anyway. Much to see and learn and do.”
  • “To prevent self-annihilation!”
  • “It frees my spirit to enjoy every earthly sight, sound, smells and sensations. No other gift allows you to enjoy all the freedom that travel does.”
  • “Es una experiencia única e inolvidable, el servicio, el personal abordo insuperable. Sincermente.” Translated as: It’s a one and only unforgettable experience, the service and the personal onboard unsurpassable.
  • “Travel is one of the greatest joys of my life – to experience other cultures, getting to know some of the people intimately, and to record these memories in my mind and on my camera. Though people’s cultures vary in many ways, I often witness many likenesses, as well, when interacting with them. My hope is my enthusiasm about my trips, sharing of photos stories, will motivate them to travel to similar destinations and usually it happens!”
  • “I travel because I like to experience, the mystery of an unknown place, and living like a local for a few days.”
  • “Travel is something to look forward to. It can be exciting, educational and takes away prejudice. It teaches that all people want the same thing: a place to live, enough to eat and good things for our children. It shows us different ways to do similar things. It can teach us what different cultures think are important both now and in the past. It gives us memories when we travel with those we care about. It gives us memories which, like education, thieves cannot take away. If travel logs and pictures are kept, it is a part of a life which keeps forever.”
  • “I travel to experience first-hand the wonders of the world–both natural and man-made and the infinite varieties of people in it. It puts me in the proper perspective of being only a small part of an interdependent web of existence.”
  • “I love what you say about why people travel. I travel to stay fresh and aware of new perspectives so that I never get lost in just one way of thinking. It enables me to bring new ideas an approaches to everything I do.”
  • “I travel with loved ones to create memories. Memories of special times spent together, discovering and experiencing new flavors, new sights and sounds. You never forget those moments!”
  • “I truly believe it is a privilege to travel in this life! to explore learn different cultures customs gives everyone a great sense of worldly knowledge acceptance. I gain a better perspective of our planet as well realise everyone must be a bit more thoughtful of each other to benefit. Good manners respect is the priority!”
  • “I travel to keep my mind open, my thoughts free, my heart warm, my opinions informed and my spirit young and adventuresome.”
  • “We travel because I want to show my children that there is more than one way to live, and just because someone is different – that does not make the US better. In many ways all over the world our similarities are more than our differences. We love our children, our friends families. We laugh, we work, we struggle, we pray we play. If everyone had more stamps on their passports we would have less fear and anger in our world, and more tolerance and acceptance. God created a beautiful world – we plan to see every inch of it.”
  • “I travel to learn more about our planet, and to learn about other cultures.”
  • “To open my mind to new adventures, beyond the box. To meet new people and learn that they, and their culture, although from other countries, are not so different from Americans, and that their differences are wonderful. To give my camera a chance for new exposure. (Pun intended.)To have something interesting to share with those who do not travel, and to share with those who do.”
  • “To learn.”
  • “I love to travel because the planet has such a diversity of cultures – each one offering something in its own way. You come to be more aware of how other people live and also the similarities as well as differences to your own country. I have also come to appreciate my own country more. Most of all it is probably the people you meet that make travelling so interesting.” – Anne
  • “We travel to enrich our cultural experience.”
  • “We travel to make the world a smaller place. As different as people and cultures can be, the more we travel the more we realize that people all over the world have many similarities as well. Plus it’s a whole lot of FUN!!!”
  • “To see and experience different cultures, smell the smells, sample the cuisine, shock the senses into becoming alive again.”
  • “You don’t get to choose how you are going to die or when or where. You only get to choose how you live — and traveling is one of the best ways I know to really live.”
  • “I like to experience other cultures and enjoy people who don’t necessarily look like me.”
  • “I have a constant curiosity about other people and other cultures and having living in the Arabian Gulf region for many year has only added to it. At 80 years old I have to take somewhat easier trips than I used to, but still go.”
  • ” Travel is a priority for me because I am people oriented. One of my fascinations is how people adapt to different environments and how environments affect people, in other words the interplay of the two. What customs and beliefs are carried down from one generation to the next and on to the next, etc? How does availability of “materials” affect daily behavior? How do ideas get communicated? How are gender roles developed and transmitted, etc., etc., etc.”
  • “Travelling keeps me ‘alive in the moment’: open,eager energized.” – RJV
  • “My dream.”
  • “I want to see as much of this beautiful world as I can. I want to see the people, how they live and learn about their history. Each country is a another wonderful and exciting adventure.”
  • “Life long curiosity about the world. We have only one life – it’s a big fascinating world.”
  • “It is important to learn and understand other cultures. It is a matter of survival for the world. Meeting other people, understanding their beliefs is important to me. I have traveled around the world and will continue until I die. I have meet people from all walks of life and it is a rewarding experience for me.”
  • “To expand my horizon, to learn from others, to keep reminding myself there are many others worlds out there.”
  • “To see different culture, different countries…. “
  • “I travel to try to better understand the nature of mankind. Also, it’s terribly exciting!”
  • “So that I can learn about other people and other cultures. Also to enlighten my soul and learn more about this beautiful world we live in.”🙂
  • “I travel to find people with whom I share dreams. I travel to find people who live differently than I. I travel to fill my life and thoughts with wonders.”
  • “I travel because of an insatiable curiosity about other people, places, geography, art, and so on.  I come by it sort of naturally because my parents were curious individuals.  I majored in Geography at UCLA (years ago)  and never lost my interest in the world.  Oh,yes, I forgot: food.  That is one of the most interesting parts of travel.” Maureen Banks
  • “We Travel for the memories that will be with us years after the trip.”
  • “My passion.”
  • “We travel to experience other cultures, see historical sites and beautiful destinations.”
  • “My greatest joy in life has been the thrill and discovery of travel. As a teenager, I remember an agent asking if we wanted a direct flight from Bonaire to Miami and we all asked to remain on the 4 leg island hopper so we could saver every last minute of our trip in the Carribbean. It was a real joy and every part of it pleasant. A delay meant more time in Aruba! My greatest disapointment has been the decline of air travel, especially the tense psychologically draining atmosphere in airports. What can we do?”
  • “To feel more alive and to satisfy my addiction for new food, new friends, new cultures, new adventure.”
  • “Travel is the best educational experience in the world. It is the best way to learn about the various peoples of the world and their different cultures. It is also great seeing how different various parts of the world are.”
  • “Travel is our passion and priority because with the travel we’ll know and connected to many people, cultural,character and many others, we are very interesting to travel because we have a job for this subject.”
  • “Traveling is a gift to give yourself while simultaneously, learning about others and realizing their differences and similarities to oneself. Experiencing places only seen on the covers of books or in the pages of a magazine allows one to feel closer to far away places and to cherish each moment we have on Earth. Travel encourages us to be better people, when we see those in other places who are less fortunate but seem to be just fine with their lives. Travel allows us to enjoy flavors which we have never had on our taste buds! Travel gives us a sense of how small we are, but as a whole, are really all just the same- people who want love, health and happiness for ourselves, families and friends.”
  • “Meeting different people and experiencing different cultures. Getting away from my routine and everything familiar esp. the telephones. Curiosity and desire to learn.”
  • “To see new and different people, cultures, and architecture. To use this experience to change who I am.”
  • “Because I want to experience all the beauty on earth, because people are fascinating, each culture accomplish the same with there own creativity, because it enphasize the feeling that the whole earth is ours.”
  • “To discover new places, meet new people and gain a better understanding of different cultures and practices. For self- rejuvenation. And also, to remind me of our common humanity.”
  • “We travel because we love life. We are explorers and travel to discover the awesome beauty of our planetary home Earth in all its splendid diversity. We also travel to discover our inner landscapes and challenge our own preconceptions about ways of doing and being by meeting our planetary co-citizens whose manners and ways differ from ours.”
  • “It’s adventure, relaxation, to go back to places I’ve been along time ago and to see the changes.”
  • “Cultural diversity, worldly experiences, historical sites, gastronomic experience, and perspective.”
  • “We want to learn about the world. We want to have a foreign perspective concerning America. We also want to see first hand antiquity, ethnic foods, and cultures. We also want to enjoy the fruits of our life’s labors.”
  • “To re-fresh the mind.”
  • “Tick Tock, Tick Tock. Why do we explore, live outside the box or color outside the lines? Traveling is transforming, empowering, education and enlightening, not to mention the best medicine. A gift you can give to yourself. Tick Tock, Tick Tock.”
  • “St. Augustine said it best: ‘The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.'”
  • “I travel because I love to see new places and meet new people. I love the fact that places and people can be so different but in many ways can be the same.”
  • “To see the world.”

4 thoughts on “Why We Travel

  1. Ultimately, the age-old saying “we are all connected” becomes reinforced when we travel.

    Not only are we all connected but somehow travel reconnects us to this great and diverse tribe we call humanity in a way that embellishes our lives and deepens those connections.

  2. In truth I think I travel to learn more about myself…in others I’m always seeing/hearing parts of myself which expand into more threads … connections… relationships…that become part of who I’m becoming

  3. In truth I think I travel because when traveling I become two people, the person witnessing and the person becoming as I see and hear parts of myself which expand into more threads…connections…relationships…that become part of who I’m becoming…

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