Mongolia travel-much more culturally rich than you can imagine

Luxury travel to Mongolia - authentic cultural experiences
Luxury travel to Mongolia - authentic cultural experiences

Connoisseurs of adventure travel take note: Mongolia remains one of the last great frontiers for experiencing traditional cultures that has remained unchanged for centuries, making it one of our favorite destinations.

Mongolia cracked its door ajar for the outside world just over a decade ago and the few who have ventured in have been startled to behold one the world’s last remaining horse-based nomadic cultures. The tidal wave of modern pop culture has not yet swept through Mongolia, and the pervasive tentacles of the Information Age have not yet wrapped it in wires and circuitry.

Largely unchanged since the days of Genghis Khan, Mongolia represents a rare opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the ancestors, in the path of the nomad. Most Mongolians adhere to Tibetan-style Buddhist beliefs. The tenacious nomads live in round, collapsible gers (yurts) with their livestock and beloved horses always nearby, practicing a pastoral lifestyle and moving with the seasons. Travel through this wild and remote part of the world, experiencing Mongolia’s amazing landscape, wildlife, and nomadic people. Immerse yourself in the culture—and the pace—of an era long forgotten by Western civilization.

Travel to Mongolia is perfect in June and July so contact us now with any questions – we offer custom travel to Mongolia as well as offer a small group tour with a departure this July 1. Download the full Mongolia Small Group Trip itinerary at our site.

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