A Staff Postcard from the Field: Philippines

Mabuhay! Kumusta Ka? Greetings from Palawan, Philippines. It is a beautiful sunny day here in Puerto Princessa and I just returned from a sunrise boat trip to view a large pod of dolphins frolicking just off the coast. It was incredible to see these amazing creatures swimming in the deep azure waters between our boat and a local fisherman’s. It seemed like the dolphins were putting on a show just for us.

PhilippinesAfter we pack up our things, we’ll begin the drive though small villages and winding roads to the Underground River, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This subterranean river burrows deep into a limestone karst mountain, as far as eight kilometers, and is said to have formations inside that have an uncanny resemblance to iconic images. I can’t wait to explore this extraordinary place. After our river float, we’ll have a home cooked meal by one of our guide’s friends on the beach. Hopefully with some fresh buko (coconut) juice!

So far, my Philippine adventure has been packed with everything from kind locals to silent deep forests, soft sandy beaches to one-lane mountain roads, clear blue waters to active volcanoes, local village festivals to urban metropolises. Though our itinerary is full, I have the feeling this is only the beginning to uncovering the depth of wonder contained within the Philippines. I can’t wait for what is in store in the next few days…swimming with whale sharks! Hope this finds you all well!


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