New UNESCO World Heritage Site Named in China

It’s not on everyone’s must see list yet—but it will be. Spectacular, remote Sanqingshan National Park in China was recently designated a natural heritage site of exceptional significance by UNESCO on July 8, 2008. This area hosts dozens of peaks and 90 fantastically shaped granite pillars, many of which resemble human or animal silhouettes. There is also a 1,600-year-old Taoist temple complex, containing hundreds of priceless cultural relics.

• Sanqingshan National Park is located in China’s Jiangxi Province, within driving distance of Nanchang city.
• Domestic air routing is through Shanghai, with daily flights to Nanchang.
• Accommodations range from local style, very basic hostels to 3 and 4 star properties in Jindezhen and Nanchang.

We can arrange a visit to Sanqingshan National Park on a custom, private basis, as well as include other classic sites and hidden jewels known to the few that seem destined for fame.

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