Villagers in India Open Their Homes

The New York Times featured a great idea on travel in India, as reported by Jonathan Allen.

“I think visitors like going under and getting to know the people,” said Leena Nandan, joint secretary at the tourism ministry. “People are at the heart of this.”

“The jeep had disappeared around the bend, and all the villagers who had disembarked with me had shuffled off to their homes. Night was falling, the cicada buzz was rising, and I began to get that panicky feeling that the city-coddled might experience upon finding themselves suddenly alone on the roadside in a remote village in the lower Himalayas of West Bengal with no idea where to go.

Before my panic escalated, a young woman wearing a black jacket over a fluorescent-yellow salwar kameez appeared. She said her name was Pushpa, and told me to follow her…”

To read the entire article and view a slideshow, visit

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