Postcard From Our Traveler: Our Passage to India

We arrived in Delhi from Singapore, where we had been for a few days, and so we awoke our first morning un-jet lagged, fired up and ready to go!  We had prepared ourselves, somewhat trepidatiously, for what we had been told by one and all would be an “assault on the senses”. We were girded for the crowds, the cows, the abject poverty, the dazzling sights and sounds, the smells of tumeric and cumin wafting in the air: exotic and overwhelming Delhi in all its past glory and present chaos of humanity swarming in all directions.

What always makes a trip special is the unexpected, the unplanned that burnishes the memory and stays with you years after when the visit is but a distant memory. For us, it was something both whimsical and endearing, followed by something powerful and life affirming.

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How Much Luggage Can I Bring to Asia?

Your dreams of traveling to enchanting Asia are finally about to be realized. Your flights are booked and your plans are settled, but are your bags packed? As you attempt to balance preparedness with efficiency, keep these tips in mind to help make sure your luggage is as ready for your Asia journey as you are.

· Baggage restrictions vary by airline. Some U.S. airlines allow passengers flying internationally to check two bags, each weighing 50 pounds or less. However, some carriers allow considerably less. Check with us or your visit your airline’s web site before you travel for specific information about checked baggage costs and oversized luggage fees.

· Always stow copies of important documents such as passports in a piece of luggage in case the original documents are lost or stolen.

· Consult your Asia Transpacific Journeys Travel Guide often while packing – it contains a detailed packing list for your specific destination.

· Keep in mind that laundry service is available in nearly all locations, so pack light. Also note that skimpy clothing is not acceptable in some Asian countries where modesty is highly valued.

· Many travelers feel more prepared when they pack precautionary medications and basic first-aid supplies.

· Remember to bring camera equipment, chargers, travel journals, and other personal items, and bring a small bag or backpack to carry them conveniently on day excursions.

· Consider leaving some room in your luggage to bring back souvenirs or gifts. Some travelers also bring items to donate, such as supplies for a remote village school.