Postcard from Our Traveler: Papua New Guinea! On my Short List of 1,000 Places

Patricia Schultz, author of 1,000 Places to See Before You Die, recounts her experience with travel to Papua New Guinea on an Asia Transpacific Journeys group trip:

A belated e-note to wax on about our August trip to PNG  — to say it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience is a gross  understatement!  The list of superlatives is long – from the local  people, to those who comprised our group (all of whom had glowing things to say about Jarrod and Asia Transpacific Journeys btw — am cc’ing Jarrod on this so he  can bask in the praise, though I imagine he hears it often!) to our  leader Suzanne who everyone agreed was possibly the nicest and brightest  and funnest guide we’d ever come across – and that was one very well-traveled group of people (and one of the joys of the trip for that  reason).

The trip was especially wonderful to me, as I had  proofread my last chapter for the 1000 Places revision on the plane from  NY to Sydney — and for the first time in 4 years, I was able to  truly feel liberated and free to immerse myself entirely in the adventure  without any stress and deadline concerns. Now THAT was priceless!

So the revision (a complete rewrite) and gorgeous app for 1000 Places are out Nov 15 – just in time for Christmas!! :)

Big Book Tour Jan-March.

Many many (many!) thanks again for everything.

Warm regards,

Patricia Schultz
New York, NY


Patricia Schultz is the author of, 1,000 Places to See Before You Die. This was her second trip with Asia Transpacific Journeys, and we look forward to helping her explore many more of the destinations on her list.

See Another Side of Papua New Guinea

Asia Transpacific Journeys offers once-in-a-lifetime tours to Papua New Guinea, taking travelers to remote tribal villages, sing-sing celebrations and wildlife explorations. Although there is much to discover on land, travel to Papua New Guinea and you’ll find a wealth of incredible uninhabited islands some of the most beautiful bodies of water in the world.

On True North’s Adventures in Paradise cruises, travelers are able to relax on a series of isolated deserted islands, such as the Lusancay Islands, that are ideal for swimming, snorkeling and fishing. Travelers also have the opportunity to embark on thrilling helicopter flights to the Isurava Memorial on the Kokoda Track and then discover the wrecks of WWII ships, planes and submarines while snorkeling in the shallow waters of Kavieng.

The True North’s Adventures in Paradise cruise is a wonderful add-on to any of Asia Transpacific Journeys’ Small Group Trips to Papua New Guinea. For a traveler who wants to experience the land, the people and the sea of Papua New Guinea, there really is no better way to go.


Learn more about Asia Transpacific Journeys‘ trips to Papua New Guinea and True North cruises by speaking to a Papua New Guinea Travel Specialist at 800-642-2742.