In Laos and Vietnam, Tracing the Path of a Colonial Ancestor

The New York Times showcases Laos and Vietnam in their ‘Personal Journeys’ feature, by Thomas Fuller.

“The spring water that drips from massive slabs of rock on a hillside in southern Laos, high above the flood plains of the Mekong River, is a rarity in Asia today, so pristine and welcoming that you don’t hesitate to cup your hands and gulp it down.”

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To learn more about travel to Laos and Vietnam, we’re happy to answer any questions. We can customize a trip for two or suggest small group trips to Indochina, including Laos and Vietnam.

Celebrate The World’s Most Pristine Forests on Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day, we wanted to share an excerpt from a recent article from Travel + Leisure, The World’s Most Pristine Forests, featuring the best preserved forests in the world. We were asked to provide tips on how to best experience travel to these amazing ecosystems.

Kayan Mentarang National Park, Indonesia
“Kayan Mentarang, on the verdant island of Borneo, is one of the last remaining homes to the rhinoceros hornbill and strange primates like proboscis and leaf monkeys. The big draws for tourists (and poachers) are the adorably petite Sumatran rhino and the Borneo pygmy elephant.

How to Go: Asia Transpacific Journeys suggests a six-day itinerary beginning at the village of Long Layu. Local Dayak tribes still live in communal dwellings and guests do, too, as there is no accommodation in the park.”

Daintree National Park, Australia
“At 160 million years old, this UNESCO World Heritage–listed spot in Oz’s far northeast region is one of the oldest undisturbed forest ecosystems on earth. It’s also a birder’s paradise—more than 430 avian species live in the forest, including 13 found nowhere else on Earth. And it’s home to the weird and wonderful peppermint stick insect: colored like candy, the creature creates a peppermint aroma to ward off predators. The Maardja Boardwalk (an easy stroll even for a lethargic walker) displays the transition from freshwater rainforest to saltwater mangroves.

How to Go: Asia Transpacific Journeys guests stay at Daintree Eco Lodge, a luxury treehouse set high in the canopy.”

Client’s Trip to Bhutan Marks Travel To 307 Countries

One of our most well traveled clients, Ray Woods, is nearing his goal of completing travel to all 319 countries as designated by the Travelers’ Century Club (TCC). Membership in this exclusive club is limited to those travelers who have visited 100 or more countries in the world. Well past that goal, Ray’s recent trip to Bhutan with us marked his 307th country.

So far, only ten members have finished the list. However, the club is formed on more than the basis of checking countries off a list. It’s a social club uniting passionate travelers worldwide. In fact, back in 1960, the club officers selected the slogan “World Travel…the passport to peace through understanding.”

Congratulations Ray! Enjoy your final 12 destinations.

“Asia Transpacific Journeys has been outstandingly good….going to remote places in Asia. I have learned to trust them…also knowing that they deal with airline changes and other obstacles well.”
- Ray Woods